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PostSubject: About The Staff Team   About The Staff Team EmptyThu Sep 04, 2014 10:51 pm

Hello, it's Winx Dream. Here are some things about the Staff Team. In general, they help keep the forum safe.

About The Staff Team YVU5M8W
They are basically the leaders of the forum. They have the power to ban members when their behavior is not good. They run the forum as smoothly as possible.

Moderators (Or Heads of Disciplines)
About The Staff Team HB3KBmn
They make sure everything is on order. They help out the administrators. They do have some power, but not all of it. They can lock, merge, delete, split, and move threads in the forum they moderate.

Graphic Directors
About The Staff Team TKikdLR
They are the those who design the forum to make it look more attractive. They also come up with new themes.

Graphic Moderators
About The Staff Team VCSXbRg
They are people who takes care of the designs, also. They help out mostly the Graphic Directors. They're much like Graphic Directors, and also just like regular Moderators. In some way, they still have about the same responsibilities as regular mods.

Please do not ask to be a staff member. There are some ways:
1. Good behavior. Good behavior can make you one of the staff members. You may choose not to. It's your choice. We will let you take your time to think about it.
2. Applications. Only when I announce that I will be needing more staff members. There may be a certain amount of spots open. You must meet certain requirements to be qualified.
3. Experience. You must know about the rules of this entire forum and how this forum works. You must be a member for at least 2 months.

If you're having a problem, contact one of us. If you don't know who is one of the staff, I'll tell you the current staff members:

Your administrator,

Credit goes to BIW for the information.

About The Staff Team HUyJu3rAbout The Staff Team 8y6TC2bAbout The Staff Team ST8Nfvc
You can call me Flo. (:
Credit goes to Crystal Flake for the avatar.
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About The Staff Team
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