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 Rules for Questions and Answers!

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Winx Dream
Winx Dream

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PostSubject: Rules for Questions and Answers!   Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:57 pm

Hello there everyone. It's your founder of Winx Dream here.
If you're going to post a Q&A thread, please make sure you read these rules first. These are more chill and less strict than the rules of the entire forum.

1. ONE thread PER USER! ~ If you post more than once, the second one will be deleted. Please make sure you know whether or not you posted it yet so you don't post it twice.

2. No inappropriate or personal questions! ~ If you're asking someone a question, but it happens to be inappropriate or asking for personal information, it will be deleted and you'll be issued a warning, or maybe banned temporarily or permanently depending on how bad it is. Yes, I know if you post inappropriate content, you'll be permanently banned automatically. But on Q&A, it's more chill, as said above. If you're the one asked these type of questions, do NOT ANSWER THEM! Make sure you contact with one of us and we'll deal with it.

3. Please be kind. ~ Some people like things some others don't. That is what makes them unique. Please don't be rude about what others like or don't like. You'll be issued a warning if you do so.

4. Don't go off-topic. ~ Of course, you may not go off-topic, saying stuff or spamming random content other than asking a question. The post will be deleted and you'll be issued a warning.

From your fellow founder,

Some rules from BIW.

You can call me Flo. (:
Credit goes to Crystal Flake for the avatar.
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Rules for Questions and Answers!
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