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 Rules of the Forum

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Winx Dream
Winx Dream

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum EmptyWed Sep 03, 2014 9:34 pm

Hello guys, it's WinxDream. Here are the rules that are to be followed and obeyed.

If you're under 11 years old, please get your parent's permission to be on this site! 

1) Spamming- Spamming is kind of the same as trolling. We say the same thing multiple times. Double posting on threads will not be tolerated, except for the fan art and fan fiction section, only when you're posting new creations or extra parts on the story. If we find you double posting, we will just take away a star. Something that will count as spamming is having conversations in a thread. We all love having fun with our Winx friends, but we have a chat box for a reason. Threads are for discussions and debates. If we see this at all, we will take away a star from you. 

2) Language- We all are from different places. We all may speak other languages besides English. But no making fun of the language they speak. This counts as cyberbullying. If we see any of this we will take away a star from you. Now for the swearing. We know that we all may get angered about something, we say stuff like, "OMFG". In other words, please do not swear! If we find you swearing, we will take away a star from you. 

3) Advertising- We all may have an account on social media websites, such as Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. or we may even have a blog or a website. We have a section for advertising. But don't go too far. This is a forum, not a website or your Tumblr, Facebook Page, etc. where you can post random things such as how you've done. Respect the forum and the members within it. You can post your website or social media pages in your signature. We don't have any problem with that. It's also okay in the chat box but don't spam. The point is don't advertise.  

4) Threads- You can make as many threads as you would like. But don't go too far by spamming. If you want to share something that isn't very important, you may share it on the chat box where other members might see it too. Respect the content that is on the thread and stay on topic. Please don't change the topic by posting something off-topic and yet pointless. Threads have more power than what you reply. If you want to come up with another topic, please make a new thread. Don't post it in the thread itself.

5) Shipping- It's okay to ship characters from Winx Club or other members within the forum. For example, Bloom X Sky or Flora X Helia! We're okay with that. But no negative comments based on it. Just keep them to yourself to prevent causing drama and fights. If someone ships you with someone on the forum, they don't really mean it. But if you start feeling uncomfortable, contact one of the staff members. 

6) Moderation- It's okay to help one another. But if someone wasn't doing something correctly, such as, having their avatar or signature bigger than the limit, double posting, posting in an old topic, etc., please do not act like a moderator. Contact a moderator or other staff members about it and they will deal with it right away. Questions and concerns will be welcome to any member of the staff! 

7) Old Topics- Don't post on threads that aren't important or necessary. If a staff member needs them back, that will be their decision. If you want a thread to be moved into the Magic Archive, please contact a staff member. We might as well notice that it has to be locked! 

8) Whatever Happens in WD (Winx Dream), stays in WD!- You keep all of the drama that happens on this forum, and we mean on this forum! Do not talk about it or bring it up on on forums outside Winx Dream. Its fair to them, and it's fair to us as well. Also do not post other drama that happens on other forums on here. If we find this happening, we will take away a star from you. That means posting links to the site where the drama is happening, as well as typing out what is actually happening on the site.

9) Chatbox- The chat box is for having conversations about, well, anything, as long as they're appropriate. Do not spam! If you post the same thing multiple times, we will take away a star from you. Appropriate language please. This includes swearing. It is off limits. If you find someone swearing in the chat box, please contact a staff member so they can delete that message. Private messaging is either on Chatango or the Forum. Do not post inappropriate content nor photos in the chat box. If you wanna share that to someone, please talk in private message. That includes personal stuff. That's what private messages are for. 
10) Reviving Old Threads- Please refrain from reviving old threads that haven't been answered in two months. It clogs up the forum and takes away recent ones. We also consider reviving old threads as spamming, so please report those who are doing so.

11) Cheating- There are a few types of cheating: Spamming or posting pointless stuff so you can reach up to higher ranks, attempting to submit someone else's fan art into an art contest to win, etc. Cheating will never be tolerated in any way. If we find you doing so, we'll just take away a star from you.

12) Stealing- Please do not steal from others. At least give credit to those for their hard work. This includes art, fan fictions, bases, etc. This goes for content within this forum. If you create a forum, and we find content from Winx Dream, you will lose a star. If you find a forum that has stolen content from Winx Dream, contact one of the staff members and we'll deal with it. Please provide some evidence!

13) Personal Information- Any personal information, such as real names, phone number, address, password, etc. will not be tolerated in any way! If someone asks you for your personal information, please contact a staff member. If it happens to be you, you'll lose a star. Please keep certain information private. You may use selfies, but you have to be over 11 years old. But I do recommend that you don't use selfies at all, only for your safety.

From the administrator,

Credit goes Crystal for Rules 1-10.

Rules of the Forum HUyJu3rRules of the Forum 8y6TC2bRules of the Forum ST8Nfvc
You can call me Flo. (:
Credit goes to Crystal Flake for the avatar.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 9:43 am

Updated rule #6 and add rule #11 these rules are in affect as of today.
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Crystal Flake
Graphics Director
Graphics Director
Crystal Flake

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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum EmptyMon Mar 09, 2015 5:46 pm

I've edit the rules! 

Rules of the Forum Tumblr_mvjifwJR9i1sozv4xo1_500
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PostSubject: Re: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum Empty

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Rules of the Forum
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