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 Guide to Accounts

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PostSubject: Guide to Accounts   Guide to Accounts EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 9:53 am

Guide to Deleting Accounts
Good morning everyone, today I'll be talking to you about accounts and how you can delete them. If for some strange reason you want to delete your account then please notify the administrators. They are the only ones who can do so. We are obligated by law to delete your account however,
Quote :
In the event of a complaint (For racist insults, slandering, remarks, homophobes or revisionists remarks, etc...) against the person who asks for the suppression of his account, it should be known that the administrator cannot erase the data relating to the identification of this person
Please note the following: When you delete your account you will no longer be allowed to come back onto the site. If you create a second account you will be banned from the site that includes: your ip adress, email adresses, as well as usernames. So please choose wisely as we are not obligated to allow you back on.
More information:
If for some reason your account has not been deleted what so ever:
Fake Identities:
If you have been banned from the forum or just decided you wanted to create a fake identity you will be perementaly banned from the forum. You must PROVE to us that you are not the second person and if we find CONCREATE evidence we will report you to formotion it's self.
Inactive Accounts:
Accounts that have not been active for more then 90 days will be marked in active. Accounts that have not been active for 180 days will be deleted.
If you do not want your account to be marked inactive or deleted please contact one of the administrators so when we do the clean your account will not be effected. You will have up to two weeks to return to the forum.
Credit to BelieveInWinx for the "creating two accounts" part

Credits goes to BIW for the information.
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Guide to Accounts
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