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Ranks!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Ranks!!!!!   Ranks!!!!! EmptyFri Sep 05, 2014 8:53 am

Hello, it's WinxDream(AKA: Flo). I will show you the ranks. Every new users start out as a Magic Winx Fairy. Don't worry, you can go higher when you post more. The higher your post count is, the higher rank you can get.

  Ranks!!!!! HrzBy58 - Starts at 0

    Ranks!!!!! FG2XgoP - Starts at 50

      Ranks!!!!! WTJE7Uo - Starts at 100

      Ranks!!!!! JG2RREA - Starts at 200

      Ranks!!!!! Nwtmd2F - Starts at 350

      Ranks!!!!! 4H1dYAl - Starts at 550

      Ranks!!!!! Dusaa4v - Starts at 700

      Ranks!!!!! Z71KJl2 - Starts at 950

       Ranks!!!!! TvMPDNR - Starts at 1300

        Ranks!!!!! 6enDJmG - Starts at 1700

        Ranks!!!!! 6flJuOw - Starts at 2000

Your administrator,

Credits goes to BIW for the information.

Ranks!!!!! HUyJu3rRanks!!!!! 8y6TC2bRanks!!!!! ST8Nfvc
You can call me Flo. (:
Credit goes to Crystal Flake for the avatar.
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